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Take A Tour

Welcome to a room by room tour of our clinic



Waiting Area

Dog Side

Cat Side


Large dog exam room

This room includes a hydraulic lift table for bigger dogs and like all of our exam rooms includes otoscopes, opthalmoscopes and an X-ray viewer.








Here we can do complete blood chemistries, cell counts, electrolytes as well as clotting times. We recently added a new digital microscope to allow us to send microscope images to specialists.



Surgery Suite

Our surgery room features a CO2 laser, a sevofluorane and isofluorane anesthetic machine, IV pumps and a digital endoscope.


Surgical preparation room

In this area instruments and supplies used in surgery are sterilized in our autoclave and stored in a pass thru cabinet that extends into our surgery room.




Biz and Brenda use the Innovet X-ray machine.







Dental station

In addition to an air driven polisher/drill and an ultrasonic cleaner we also have a digital dental x-ray machine.

Parasitology and microbiology station

Here we perform fecal exams and do bacterial cultures.





Recovery and ICU