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Why is my dog scooting its rear end on the floor?

While many clients think that scooting is caused by worms this is rarely the case. It is most often caused by distended and uncomfortable anal glands. Anal glands are located below the rectum and normally express during defecation or excitement to leave a scent marker. When they don’t empty normally dogs will scoot to manually empty them leaving a strong odor on your flooring. We can express the glands to stop scooting or show you how to do it yourself at home. It is important to lift the tail and examine the rectal area as occasionally anal glands become infected (abscessed). This is very painful and can lead to rupture of the glands. You may observe swelling or redness below the anus and dogs will often lick the area. Call us immediately so that we can treat the abscess before too much tissue injury occurs. Sometimes we will see severe rectal irritation caused by soft feces stuck to the rectum. This is especially true in long haired dogs. This should be treated quickly before the skin becomes infected or necrotic